Pierose Productions, a Los Angeles based company, specializes in custom etched glass and lexan. Pierose's designs apply to interior spaces in the form of functional art, such as beautifully carved entryways, elegantly etched shower doors, carved windows, back bars and room dividers. Extensively, Pierose has etched selected art on bulkheads of aircraft and mid cabin dividers. They can give privacy to your space and darken rooms by LCD laminated panels. Using etched mirror, they will expand the size of your cabin and pick up the look of your environment with a wonderful array of design.

Jessica Pierose, a native Los Angeles artist, designs exquisite etchings in glass and lexan on a private commission basis for clients the world over...After 20 years in the art, she has refined the craft to mastery. Although over the years, Pierose has been enhancing the environment of privately owned homes, the majority of her work now is within the aircraft industry.

Jessica's artistic talent and acquired skills are in the application of etching on lexan and glass carving, design and computer graphics. Her abilities in public relations propel each project by working with the designers or their clients by developing art in the subject of their choice, as well as conversing with engineers to comply with specifics in installation and F.A.A. regulations. This includes research and development from supplying samples for burn and stress testing to creative ideas in product development which match the highest standards of excellence demanded by the industry today.

In addition, Pierose Productions works with a team of craftsmen and fabricators. As a result of our collaboration, we can provide the vision you are looking for. You can click on the 'Product Lines' link below to see various pictures. This includes:

  • Pure gold application on back surface of glass or lexan combined with a front surface etching.
  • Lexan can now come in any pantone color. This process is time consuming so plan ahead. Call for a sample.
  • Hand polished bevel that brings up rainbows in lexan.
  • Provide privacy to your environment and darken rooms by LCD laminated panels.
  • Add elegance and privacy to the bathroom by etching on lexan shower door enclosures.
  • Silk-screening logos and design in any color.
  • We have been working with an exciting medium of edge illumination which is achieved by utilizing hidden LED bulbs passing light through the edge of optically clear glass illuminating an etching dramatically.
  • View port windows; this product is excellent for security purposes.
    • View from the galley can view the cabin.
    • View from the cabin reflects etched art or logo.
Customarily, clients call to discuss the specific projects and ideas they are interested in. In some cases, they may want to provide the art work, yet most often the design is developed in the studio as a result of their collaboration.

We invite you to see our portfolio display for your viewing pleasure of 'art in the air' past and present...

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